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Are your gutters ready for bushfire season?

Bushfire season can be absolutely devastating to your family’s home and lives, especially when you are unprepared. Some preventative measures you can take to help your home, should you find yourself in the situation of fires occurring locally, is to make sure your gutters are ready for bushfire season.

Our recommendations for preparing your gutters for bushfire season are:

⦁ Cleaning out your gutters

The accumulation of dried leaves built up in your gutters can be detrimental if a fire is nearby. Dried leaves can easily ignite and spread fire if embers land on them. Cleaning out your gutters, drains and downpipes of all debris before bushfire season is highly advised.

⦁ Installing a gutter guard

If regularly getting up in the gutter and cleaning out the leaves isn’t your thing – a gutter guard might be a worthwhile investment for you. While it’s a misconception that gutter guards never have to be cleaned, the frequency in which they do is significantly lower and the job always much easier as the buildup is much less. Often just a hose out is sufficient for gutters that have guards installed.

If your home is in a particularly at risk bushfire location, some other plumbing top ups we recommend are a roof sprinkler system and installing water pumps that are connected to rainwater tanks. Having additional ways to wet your house should a bushfire be approaching your home’s perimeter can be extremely helpful.

The team at Newman and Barker Plumbing has vast amounts of experience in aiding the fireproofing of your homes through plumbing work. If you’re unsure if you have your gutters ready for bushfire season or are just looking for extra ways to improve your homes safety, call today on 02 4625 5409.

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