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Septic Tanks, Water Tanks & Filters: Ask a Rural Plumber

Rural properties require special treatments and services. Whether you require a septic tank, water tank, drainage repair or an entire irrigation system, the rural plumbing experts at Newman and Barker Plumbing are ready to help. Read on to find out more about our rural plumbing services.

Septic tanks – an affordable way to manage your own wastewater treatment

It may surprise you that there are many rural and commercial properties around New South Wales that are still using septic tanks instead of a more conventional sewerage system. And just like town sewage, a septic system needs regular maintenance to ensure it continues operating at its best. At Newman and Barker Plumbing, we supply and install septic tanks, as well as service and repair septic tanks. Whether you are building a new home or simply looking to upgrade your existing tank, our Sydney plumbers can take care of the process from start to finish.

Water tanks and pumps – your key to unlocking water freedom

Water is a precious resource. And if you can get a water tank installed at your property, you can start collecting, storing and using it for free. The benefits of installing a water tank include:

  • Rainwater on tap in your home and garden
  • Saves money by using it to flush toilets or launder
  • Use it to wash the car or fill the pool
  • Eases the pressure on stormwater
  • Fluoride and chlorine-free water supply

Only a licensed plumber can connect your water tank to your services, ensuring it is correctly placed and positioned with all the right pipework and pumps used. At Newman and Barker Plumbing, our water tank installation service means your tank set-up will comply with all council, state, water industry and Australian standards and regulations.

Irrigation systems – keeping your garden green

If you want to keep your garden looking lush all year round, particularly in summer, good irrigation is essential. Our Sydney irrigation experts can install irrigation systems for suburban homes, rural properties, commercial premises, football ovals and more. While plumbing for farms and rural areas does have certain challenges, an experienced plumber who specialises in rural plumbing will be able to advise and assist you to ensure your irrigation system meets your needs. At Newman and Barker Plumbing, we understand the why and the how of rural plumbing challenges and we invite you to contact us to discuss any issue regarding your rural property or farm.

Water filters – drink in the possibilities

If you don’t have mains water available, it is essential to keep your family’s drinking water supply safe and pure. As rural plumbing experts, Newman and Barker Plumbing has access to the latest water filtration products and systems. These include micron poly pleated cartridges, under bench filters and water softeners and hardeners.

Newman and Barker Plumbing – the rural plumbing experts

Do you require rural plumbing services? Our licensed plumbers at Newman and Barker can fully customise your installation to your needs, desires, family, business or lifestyle.

If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, it’s highly recommended that you contact a reliable plumber as soon as possible. Our licensed plumbers at Newman and Barker are fully certified and licensed technicians catering to residential, rural and commercial plumbing clients. We’re here 24/7 for your emergencies, responding promptly to keep you and your family safe.

For more information and quotes, contact the specialists at Newman and Barker Plumbing on (02) 4625 5409 or online here. You can also connect with us on Facebook.

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