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The Most Common Swimming Pool Plumbing Issues

Swimming pools are awesome additions to any home, offering hours of relaxation and fun. Unfortunately, like everything of value, pools require maintenance and occasional plumbing repairs. Sometimes it is an easy DIY fix such as correcting a chemical imbalance. Other times, you may need to call a professional plumber with the know-how and the right equipment. We outline the most common plumbing issues pool owners experience.

Pool leak

Leaks in the swimming pool plumbing can cause serious problems, potentially damaging your property and racking up costly water bills. You’ll also waste money on the chemicals you use to keep your pool pH balanced. As well as leaking out with the water waste, chemicals can also end up being diluted by the new water that’s pumped into the pool, making them less effective. Left unattended, the leak can become larger, resulting in the need to drain and repair an inground pool or replace an above-ground pool plumbing system. Leaks should be inspected by an experienced plumber as soon as possible to avoid excessive damage and costs.

Pool electrical issues

Your swimming pool may have electrical issues if it is not circulating properly. Special features like lighting, automatic cleaning systems and waterfalls might not be working due to electrical problems. Other swimming pool electrical issues include pumps not turning off and on at set times or a sudden tripping of the pump breaker a few minutes after turning it on.

Buildup of dirt and debris in the pool filter

Too much dirt and debris can cause pool plumbing problems. When dirt and debris enter the pool filtration system, clogs can form. Additionally, smaller pieces of debris can make their way into pool plumbing valves and covers, allowing air to get in. Replacing the filter might fix the problem but it may need to be inspected by a plumbing professional. It’s important to skim your pool with a pool net regularly to remove debris.

Filter pressure changes

Your swimming pool filter must be always working correctly to ensure water safety. Unfortunately, changes in a filter’s pressure are common. A decrease in filter pressure is typically caused by trapped air, clogs or the wrong valve settings. An increase in filter pressure, on the other hand, is usually caused by dirt, algae or some other form of debris blocking the pool’s filter. Pressure changes can be prevented with regular pool servicing. 

Newman and Barker Plumbing – for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs

If you are experiencing swimming pool plumbing issues, it’s highly recommended that you contact a plumber with swimming pool maintenance and repair experience as soon as possible. Our licensed plumbers at Newman and Barker are fully certified and licensed technicians catering to both residential plumbing and commercial plumbing clients. We specialise in all aspects of plumbing and gas services, hot water systems, drainage and 24/7 emergency services. Newman and Barker Plumbing cover a wide service area of Sydney, including Campbelltown, Narellan, Thirlmere, Camden, Bowral, Tahmoor, Appin, Bargo, Picton, Wilton, Mittagong, Braemar, Wattle Ridge, Yerrinbool and Hill Top.

For more information and quotes, contact the specialists at Newman and Barker Plumbing on (02) 4625 5409 or online here. You can also connect with us on Facebook.

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