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Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogged or blocked drains and pipes will always start as small issues. However, these minor issues can speedily escalate into much larger problems. Many causes of clogged drains will eventually lead to sewage backup, flooding, corrosion and water drainage, resulting in extreme and costly repairs. Preventing blocked drains starts with the knowledge of how they’re becoming clogged. Below, our Campbelltown team has compiled some of the most common causes of clogged drains. Need help? Check out our clogged drain service.


Excess dirt from body and clothes washing (or anything for that matter) can build up and cause issues in drains and pipes. Shake or rinse excess dirt, sand or mud off your body and clothes outside before washing them inside.

Tree roots

This surprises a lot of people. Underground pipes can have tiny cracks or leaks that can attract root growth. Once inside the pipes, the roots can grow larger and obstruct water flow and cause pipe damage. Clearing tree roots from pipes can be complicated and will involve excavation, trenchless repair, pressure jet cleaning and a complex rooter service, something that only a professional plumbing team can do (such as Newman & Parker Plumbing).


Hair is one of the leading causes of clogged drains. Short or long, it doesn’t matter! The build-up of hair down a drain can stop water passing through and can create a large problem for the drains and pipes. It is always recommended that homeowners regularly check for an accumulation of hair in and around any plughole. Explore our clogged drain service for assistance.

Food waste

Food waste should never go down the drain. Throw out all food waste in the rubbish bin or create a composting pile in a separate container. This is essential, especially when coffee grounds and tea leaves are concerned since these don’t break down.


This is another surprise for many people. Traditional soap bars are made from fat or grease. The fat in the soap can combine with water minerals and leave a hard residue, called soap scum, which stains bath fittings and can clog pipes. Soap build-up can be removed with pressure cleaning.

Oil, grease & fat

Oil, grease and fat can seriously clog any drainage system. These can solidify in pipes to cause blockages. Pouring hot fat down the drain, followed by hot water is never a solution. The oil, grease and fat will only travel down the pipes further and will solidify just the same. Let these cool down after cooking, scoop up using paper towels and throw in the rubbish.

Newman & Barker Plumbing

Here at Newman & Barker Plumbing, we are up to date on all the common causes of clogged drains and the best techniques for unblocking them. Our team is skilled in all other common plumbing issues for both residential and commercial clients—read about our range of services here. For your peace of mind, we are professional, highly skilled and licensed/accredited. Our plumbers service the areas across Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly. Contact the experts at Newman & Barker Plumbing today.

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