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The Benefits of Opting For Gas Appliances

Gas is a low cost, low carbon and convenient fuel of choice for Australian consumers when it comes to cooking, hot water and winter heating. What’s more, the environment needs to be considered more than ever in the current climate, and gas-fired appliances are proven contributors to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are efficient and responsive.

More than 100,000 km of gas pipelines around Australia meet the needs of 4.5 million customers with exceptional reliability. Natural gas is rapidly growing in Australia’s energy sector, with its usage expected to increase significantly in the future. This article explores the benefits of using gas as the main energy source in your workplace or home.

The main advantages of using gas appliances are:

Gas water heaters are more efficient

Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in the home, so efficiency is necessary. While electric water heaters have grown in popularity, gas water heaters are simply more efficient. Not only do current gas water heaters save you money, but they also reduce your environmental footprint. Selecting a gas water heater also means:

  • Your water heats faster than with an electric appliance
  • Your shower still works, even if you have a power outage

Gas appliances save you money

Simply using gas furnaces for home heating could save customers thousands of dollars in annual energy charges, compared to homes using electric furnaces. Gas water heaters save consumers hundreds yearly, with gas dryers and ranges also offering significant savings.

Cooking is better on a gas stove

Cooking a meal on a gas stove is a superior experience to an electric stove. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve had to impatiently wait for the electric burner to heat to our preferred temperature. With gas stoves, users are able to receive instant heat and have more control over the temperature. Electric stoves have set levels of heat and are unable to reduce or increase said heat as quickly as a gas-powered appliance.

Gas appliances give you peace of mind

In short, gas appliances make everyday life an easier experience for consumers. Not only can they be ensured that their appliances will continue to work during emergencies like power outages, but current models are even created with energy efficiency in mind.

Have a question about using gas vs electrical systems in your home or business? Give our friendly team of experts a call today on (02) 4625 5409, or contact us online here.

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