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What are the Signs and Causes of a Burst Water Pipe?

Sometimes you may not even know you have a water leak or burst water pipe until you receive your water bill. That shock of seeing the price skyrocket from the last bill is truly dreadful. It is, however, a clear indication that you have a serious problem on hand. Here are the signs to look out for to prevent a leaking water pipe – or to identify one.

What causes a burst water pipe?

There are a few potential reasons as to why a leaking water pipe might happen. Five major reasons are as followed:

  • Blockages & clogs – A blocked pipe that is filled with debris, gunk and small objects can damage the piping network and can cause a number of major plumbing problems – a burst water pipe is one of them. 
  • Weak pipes – In older homes where pipes may be unprotected, corroded and neglected, the pipes and their connections are highly susceptible to bursting. This is because corrosion will cause pipes to thin out over time until they burst at their weakest point. 
  • Pressure – Excessive water pressure can cause stress on your pipes, which will then lead to leaks and burst pipes – if you hear banging coming from your pipes this is a clear sign of a high water pressure. 
  • Bad installation – Your plumbing may have just been installed terribly, whether the contractor was rushed, they were inexperienced or used improper parts, hence why you may now have a burst water pipe. 
  • Freezing – Though this is less likely to happen in Australia, in the winter month’s water can freeze in your pipes and the outcome can occasionally be a leaking water pipe. 

What are the signs?

Homeowners should be aware of any signs that their plumbing may be operating different or poorly. Quick action is vital to stop things from getting worst, so to avoid the risk of a burst water pipe be mindful of any occurrences or oddities around your house. 

For example, a corroded pipe may be leaking causing a ceiling stain – there is not a water pipe burst yet, so act quickly to prevent more serious damage. Another example is if the water from your tap is brown, you may have rusted pipes. Also, take note of the water pressure, if you have noticed a drop you should investigate. It could be a hole in the pipeline. 

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